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Business Coaching for the Rebel Entrepreneur

What you'll get:

We start with my kick ass quickie questionnaire to help me help you. I swear, it won't be too painful. (I mean, who has time or the attention span for... what were we talking about?)

Next, we'll have a coaching call. It can be on whatever platform you prefer. You dig the phone? I'm there. (How's this thing work again?). Messenger... Skype... Text. It's all you, man. You tell ME how you want to talk.

We'll figure out what you're wasting your time on so you can stop spinning wheels doing shit you hate and that doesn't advance your business.

We'll nail down your secret sauce so you can be the most badass business you possible.

You'll get an action plan so you know what to do first to get the biggest impact. Prioritize the tasks that will have the most punch and streamline your work efforts.

Execute and watch your business boom!

Make a cocktail (you can get the good stuff now, baby!) and kick back on your porch as your business explodes and you have more time for things like making a drink and kicking back on your porch. Sweet, right?

I’m Kelby Carr, and at Gonzo CEO I’m providing no-bullshit business coaching for the rebel, independent, badass entrepreneur (don’t even tell me you aren’t a badass. You so are. I mean it. Look at you over there being all badass. That’s so hot!).


I’ve been told I have “freakish superpowers” when it comes to helping people get their business shit together. You know how Sherlock goes all mind palace about crime? That’s me, but replace killers with entrepreneurs. (If you haven’t seen BBC Sherlock yet, get ON that. I mean Benedict Cumberbatch, you guys. Am I right?).


I’ve been doing this for years with my social media conference and mastermind groups. I covered business as a newspaper reporter back in the day (remember newspapers? Aww…). Now I’ve decided intensive one-on-one coaching vs. groups of hundreds of entrepreneurs is my jam and where I want to put all of my focus (see secret sauce in bulleted list).


Some might call me a trailblazer. I mean, I would never say something so douchey. But… I founded of one of the world’s first conferences and communities for influencers and marketers, Type-A Parent. I just sold Type-A after running 30some conferences and bootcamps and a decade as HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge in case you don’t know and really I just wanted to call myself a bitch in my bio because it amuses me).

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Book your no-bullshit business coaching package!



Gonzo Definitions:

Crazy, madcap, unwieldy, or anarchistic.

Writing style of journalist Hunter S. Thompson, who put himself in the middle of the story.

All out, first person and live. Writing with extreme subjectivity.

Fiercely advocative or partial without regard for balance or objectivity.

From the Scottish meaning last person up at the end of the night and still drinking.